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 Sir Mallory Lionheart

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Name: Mallory Lionheart
Nickname: Triple Q, Q Marks, Q-Man, Question Mark Dude, Q-Mark Dude (the last three courtesy of Echelles, Adrien's snake) and Q bastard.
Age: 53
Birthday: April 13, 2046
Gender: Hermaphrodite, with male tendencies/dressing habits.
Nationality: Unknown, although he/she is assumed to be British. (In actuality, he/she is a mix of French and British origin.)
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Zodiac Sign: Tiger (Chinese), Aries (Greek)
Sexuality: Asexual
Height: 8’1”
Weight: Unknown, it’s NEVER good to ask a female what her weight is (admittedly, Lionheart’s only half female… probably underweight though.)

Physical Description: Short, ruffled and slightly spiked purple hair (it’s dyed, the original colour was a chestnut brown). Although no one can see his/her eyes because of the green shades: they are a shocking bright purple (originally a grey-blue). Standing at 8’1” he/she towers over everyone at Hogwarts, trying to intimidate everyone with his/her painted dark grey skin (original skin colour is a light peach, he/she paints his/her skin for the lulz really).

Personality: Curious and curiouser, says he/she has morals. Although as of yet, no one has been able to determine what they are. Sarcastic, always with intent on causing trouble towards the students. One minute he's/she's on your side and the next he's/she's against you. Double-faced as well as double-minded. Loves playing truth or dare and throws you into his/her room whenever he's/she's bored. It's hell in there.

Things are drastically different if you encounter him/her in the library, which is Lionheart’s haven and home away from home. Books are more important than people realize and a much better comfort than human company.

Bio: For the past fifteen or so years (including most of last year), no one knew where Professor ??? came from or why he/she came back/or to Hogwarts. No one knew his/her ethnicity because he/she paints himself/herself in that dark blackish colour. There have been rumours that a student once said a spell by accident and was then bound to Peeves the Poltergeist, mutating into this Professor. Another claims that this Professor is just a ghost that somehow became solid. Rumours fly, but Professor ??? just smiled evilly at all of them.

Around May of 2099, there was a bit of a scuffle between Gleek Jack and Professor ???, leading to the professor regaining his/her memories. In 2084, Lionheart drew up ancient runes and used them in such a way to magically merge with a dementor (see http://slayer-1412.deviantart.com/art/I-Remember-246916731 ). Since regaining his/her memories, the professor has been more serious and slow to action (knowing his/her real age seems to be a reason for this, if not a factor).

Born in 2046, on Friday the 13th, there began a number of troubles for the Lionheart family. Iven and Aerlene Lionheart were muggles, simple folk that kept books and owned a family kept library within the country side. Seeing the date was the 13th and a Friday, both parents (on a whim or drunken bet lost, no one knows for sure) named the professor we all know and love (but mostly hate) “Mallory”, meaning ill-omened or luckless. Raimon was Mallory’s older brother by two years and, three years later, Eglantine became Malloyr’s younger sister. The parents doted on their oldest son and their youngest daughter, not knowing how or what they should do to raise a hermaphrodite child.

What else does the middle child do, but throw tantrums or “bad things” to get the attention of his/her parents? Frankly, that was the case with Mallory’s childhood, receiving a letter from Hogwarts alienated him/her more than his/her body being of both genders. At some point in life, Mallory tried to gain the approval of his/her parents and worked tirelessly to reorganize the catalogues within the libraries. This was shortly before the Lionheart family knew of his/her research on dementors and subsequently cut off ties with him/her. For the most part, the one (and only friend) that Mallory could rely on was Professor Adrian Wong. He/She still lives with Wong, even after being hired at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry full-time as a librarian from the start of this year.

Previous House: Slytherin
Class: Library
Items: An old journal that never runs out of pages, it’s been enchanted to never reveal it’s secrets except to certain people, and even then, it only reveals in part what secrets it holds.

Family List:
  • Iven Lionheart (father, deceased)
  • Aerlene Lionheart (nee Chevalier) (mother)
  • Raimon Lionheart (brother)
  • Saul Ramsey (brother-in-law, deceased)
  • Eglantine Ramsey (nee Lionheart) (sister, deceased)
  • Jean-Pierre Ramsey (nephew)
  • Isabelle Ramsey (adopted grand-niece)

Friend List:
  • Professor Adrian Wong (BFFs)
  • Professor Jasper Tarrot (they’re secret friends, shhhhh)
  • Apprentice Kevin Wong
  • Apollo Wong
  • Artemis Wong
  • Argos Wong
  • Gleek Jack

  • Loves a good book any day of the week


House Reasons

9”, Willow, Dragon heartstring

A willow wand signifies that you care deeply about emotions, art, and intuition, and that you have a particular knack for charms. Your dragon's heartstring core makes your wand very effective in hexes.[list][*]
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Sir Mallory Lionheart
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