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 Headmaster Gabriel Ophello

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PostSubject: Headmaster Gabriel Ophello    Fri Dec 02, 2011 10:28 am

Name: Gabriell Ophella

Nickname: Gabe

Age: 47

Gender: Male

Nationality: British

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 145lbs

Eye Description: A light baby blue

Hair Description:
• Short and well kept
• a blood red color

• At work he dresses very nicely, wearing elegant and high class suites (steam punk styled)
• He is always seen with some sort of watch

Personality: He is very high classed and well kept. He believes that things should only be done one way~ "The most graceful way". He is very ambitious with caring for the school and his students. Compared to Deputy Headmistress Greenrivet, he is much more laid back. He is not one keen for punishment. He believes students should be shown the "proper way" instead of being disciplined.

Bio: Born to a muggle family, Gabriell was very VERY wealthy. He never went hungry, and he always got the best. He was taught how to be a gentleman. When he was sent the letter for Hogwarts, his parents were at first hesitant, but little Gabriell simply said this "Not only will I be perfect in one society, but in another". With that said, he was sent to Hogwarts.
Gabriell was the "popular" guy, at least with the girls. He was very very attractive in his youth. And best of all, he was a gentleman to all the ladies. He was never rude, and he never thought himself better. though at times, he found Gryffindors a bit much.
When he graduated, Gabriell was given high honors. He went on to a business career in London; however, when he turned 46 he was given an offer to become the new Headmaster of Hogwarts. "How could he say no?"

House: Slytherin

Position: Headmaster

Office: His office is filled with clocks and gears. Headmaster Ophello has quite the obsession with Victorian era and Steampunk themed items

Wand: Dragon heartstring, 13 inches, oak

:bulletgreen: Lots of watches
:bulletgreen: His wizard wand (which has a metal grip)
:bulletgreen: He has a huge array of suites
:bulletgreen: He has a collection of quillz

:bulletgreen:Patronus: an eagle
:bulletgreen:He has a pet Salamander

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Headmaster Gabriel Ophello
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