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 Dimitri Enderson

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PostSubject: Dimitri Enderson   Thu Dec 29, 2011 10:55 pm

Name: Dimitri Enderson
Nickname: Dimi
Age: 17
Birthday: December 26th
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 156 lbs.

Physical Description: Dimitri has pale skin from not being in the sun a lot as a kid. His eyes are not naturally violet; however, he wears violet contacts to throw others off when he is first introduced to them. The boy’s eyes are naturally blue, but he doesn’t like the blue color. His, naturally brown, hair is shorter in the back, but the bangs are longer. Dimitri dyes his hair black to make a statement among his peers; dark purple colors some of the strands that frame his face. The seventeen year old has a small scar that lies above his right eye; however, it is not really noticeable unless one looks really close.

When at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Dimitri has to wear the school’s approved uniform. During the day, he wears a button up, white, long sleeved dress shirt that doesn’t have cuffs on the end of the sleeves. Bgoring, grey pants are also worn by him during the day. A green and silver tie is wrapped around his neck, and a dull grey cape is around his neck and shoulders; the cape is held by a small green clasp that falls over the knot of the tie. Around his waist, a green and silver sash is tied to complete the bottom layer of the uniform. The overcoat of the uniform is green, silver, white and grey. It folds in the front with the buttons connecting the overcoat in place. Finally, the robe that is worn when students are going outside is green and silver. It has a hood on the back then the back of the robe cuts before the lower back; the bottom flows into two tails which make it easier for Dimitri to walk. He wears black dress shoes to finish the look for his school uniform.

During holidays and vacation, Dimitri wears muggle clothing when walking around the streets near his grandparents’ house (mother’s side). He’ll wear a long sleeved black shirt with dark purple cuffs, a pair of blue jeans, and black boots. He has a chain that hangs on the left side of his jeans with a purple star clasped toward the middle of the chain. When it is cold, Dimitri tends to wear a heavy, sleek dark grey coat. It is nothing fancy, but he likes the coat.

Personality: Dimitri is a rebellious person. The boy doesn’t like to be held by rules of any kind of society which causes a lot of problems with most authorities. The Slytherin is blunt, sarcastic, and just rude to most when they rub him the wrong way. He tends to close himself in his room to read books while others are talking to friends and socializing. The seventeen year old likes to close himself to the outside world as he finds most things trivial. Though a Slytherin, he will stand for his friends having it seem as if he is not a cold hearted person. He has some highly good morals that he tries to uphold within his crazy school life. It leads to some even questionng why he was put into Slytherin in the first place. When around loved ones, Dimitri has a whole different demeanor about him; he is a lot more outspoken and nicer with his words. Finally, Dimitri is a lot smarter than he lets others believe of him. While not studing for tests, Dimitri is able to be one of the top of most his classes.

Bio: Dimitri is originally from the United States of America. His father was a pureblood wizard; his mother was a muggle. As imagined, their marriage was hardly approved. Able to disappear from the family, Dimitri’s parents managed to live happily in England. After two years of marriage, Dimitri was born into a little humble world of two parents. Growing in a family without much worry, little Dimitri was a happy boy.

After Dimitri had turned six years old, Matthew got a letter from his family in the States; the letter stated that Matthew’s parents had died of an unknown cause. Not wanting to disrespect his parents, Dimitri’s father had the family flown to American to see their funeral. Nobody was happy about the mixed family being there; in fact, they were disrespected by the other members of the Enderson family. As much as Matthew tried to get information from his family members, everybody turned away from him. At the hotel room, Dimitri had watched his father form a circle in the carpet as Matthew complained about nobody giving him any information. Marissa just tried to calm him down as they talked about their position as the black sheep of the Enderson family line.

Not too long after, Marissa had ended in the hospital due to pain that she was having throughout her whole body. Not able to go back to England, Matthew decided to send Dimitri to leave with Marissa’s parents. Dimitri didn’t want to leave his parents, but he had no choice due to schooling. Matthew didn’t want him to fall to far behind the other students. Eventually, Dimitri learned that his mother had died from cancer, but his father was not coming back to England. This betrayal had caused the boy to clam up toward other people; he would not let anybody close enough to him to cause any more pain. When Dimitri was old enough, he found about his magical powers due to his father’s side of the family. When Dimitri turned eleven, he was sent a letter to attend Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

History at Hogwarts:

• During Dimitri’s first year, he didn’t really talk to anybody. The boy went to class, ate when needed, and went to bed. He didn’t talk to anybody or made any friends.
• During the second year, the boy had run into Lana Erin. Lana was another Slytherin student, so he figured talking to her might not hurt. The both of them started off with small conversations.
• Third year was not much better than the first or second year for Dimitri. He had gotten Ares Wong as a new roommate which only proved to be an annoyance to him. The both of them didn’t see eye to eye. Dimitri just tried to stay out of the room as much as possible.
• The next year Dimitri started talking to Lana just a little bit more; she had grown on him which was something he wasn’t willing to happen quite yet. It was the fourth year that Dimitri decided to work on his studies a lot more. Ares and Dimitri still didn’t see eye to eye, but they managed to be in the same room together.
• The fifth and sixth years were a blur to Dimitri, so he lumped them together when describing his years at Hogwarts. Lana and him had gotten together between these two years, and Ares had become one of his good friends. It was between (during) year sixth and seventh that Jinx had seven kittens with Gleek Jack’s tom, Shadow.

House: Slytherin
Year: 7

Items: Dimitri has a rather plain looking wand. It is nine inches long, made of oak wood, and holds unicorn hair in the core. He has a sterling silver locket that is worn when he is not at Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The locket holds the only memories of his mother that he could possibly remember.

Family List: Marissa Enderson (mother: deceased), Matthew Enderson (father: living), Victoria Crumbs (grandmother: living), Marx Crumbs (grandfather: living), Bonnie Enderson (grandmother: deceased), Alexis Enderson (grandfather: deceased)

Friend List: I love you Lana Erin (Slytherin) I love you, Ares Wong (Slytherin), Gleek Jack (Gryffindor)

Other: Dimitri has a golden (yellow) cat named Jinx. She is mostly golden colored, but has white tipped front toes and a white chest. Jinx is the mate of Gleek’s cat, Shadow; the two cats have seven kittens. The kittens are named after Norse gods and goddesses: Loki, Thor, Freya, Ilama, Fulla, Hel and Freyr. Dimitri has a patronus that is a a twin tailed silver tiger with black stripes. He has the patronus, but doesn't use it. It's a useless spell actually.

Schedules: N/A

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Dimitri Enderson
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