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 Gryffindor Students

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PostSubject: Gryffindor Students   Gryffindor Students Icon_minitimeMon Jan 16, 2012 3:56 am

Just to not mix up teachers and student -apps
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PostSubject: Re: Gryffindor Students   Gryffindor Students Icon_minitimeMon Jan 16, 2012 4:00 am

Name: Freya Williams

Nickname: None (so far)

Age: 14 years old

Birthday: 8 of February

Gender: Female

Nationality: Britain

Blood Status: Halfblood

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Sexuality: Bisexual

Height: 160 cm (5’3 feet), and is hoping to grow some more…

Weight: 62 kg (136,4 Ibs)

Physical Description: Being a bit on the short side Freya makes up for it with her weight being mostly made out of muscles. One might say she is a bit bulky or big, but she would hardly take that as a bad thing.
Wearing her long dark hair in a braid Freya seems to never use hairpins to get the bangs that always escaping it out of her green eyes, and she would maybe be cute with her round face and dark eyelashes if she were to smile more often, but she seems to prefer to frown…

Personality: Freya is one stubborn girl that is always ready to fight for her friends and ideals, and she had been taught well to do so. She is secure and steady in a way that only a happy and safe childhood can bring, and even if she is an only child she is far from spoiled.
Quite short-tempered she might be a bit too quick to use her fists, and may not get along too well with everyone, and she is too proud to show much of any softer side.
Putting loyalty above everything, even the law, Freya will only be happy to stand up for people, but will not let this get in her way of her loyalty to the leaders; professors and the headmaster, her own father or grandparents. But still; rules written on a paper is nothing, especially not compared to logic…
Her father, being a military, has raised her to be a soldier, but she is far from a cold such.

Bio: Being a child of two half-bloods Freya’s mother left her with her father when she was 3, being one of the things she “forgot” to take with her when she left. Since then neither Frey nor her father has seen her.
Not being too great with children Mr. Jack Williams did not really have much of an idea how to raise a child, but did his best with some great help from his own parents, and today Freya can call her own childhood nothing but happy. Sure her dad might have been a bit clumsy about some things and based much upon what he’d liked as a child so she in the end was more like a boy than a girl, but she still loved him.
Since Mr. Williams was still in the army and could be away for a week or more at a time Freya would spend quite some time with her grandparents, where her grandfather fed her all kinds of stories from his own time in the military and taught her how to use an air-gun. Her grandmother, being a muggleborn witch, would rather see that the girl learned some magic and brought her along as often as she could to such places as Diagon Alley and to her old friends from Hogwarts.
At the age of 5 Freya’s father came up with the glorious idea that if a girl needs to defend herself one should start early. So besides teaching his daughter such tricks as “Poke them in the eye and they’ll most likely back away far enough so you can kick for the groin.” he put her in a kickboxing-club. And even though her grandmother protested and tried to make a girl out of her Freya was happy, not really getting why one couldn’t wear a skirt and still win competitions.
Along with talking about strategy with his father Mr. Williams made sure his only child knew just how bad abusing power was, as well as that one always have to stand up and think for oneself and not just listen to law and standards. One always obeys orders from authority, and always fight for what one believe in (literally).

History at Hogwarts:
First year; Quite a bit awestruck at the huge castle the little Gryffindor quite soon found herself at home, though had quite some trouble getting along with everyone. She quite soon earned a reputation of using ugly tricks to win the fights she got into, and she never denied it. After all; why not do all one can to win? Her dad would only be proud when she explained why to him.
She was also the first one in her class to earn a detention, after loud and openly stating her point about a fellow classmate she’d never got along with ever since the Sorting Cermony.
Not being an overly gifted child she still made it by, but sometimes barely, in her classes. She also managed to get time to explore the great castle quite a deal, and sometimes ended up in places where she shouldn’t be, earning more dots in her reputation.

Second year; After getting into a fight already on the train Freya had quite some fun trying out for the Quiddich-team, but getting beaten in the competition and thus spent the matches howling and screaming until she was hoarse on the sideline. Helping the team after their training gave her something else to do besides getting into trouble, and in the end she got to learn quite a deal from the older lions.
She got her first crush, and used a mistletoe to steal a kiss at Christmas, but that was about it, and she got over it in just a few weeks.

Third year; After starting an argument with someone, trying to stand up for a younger girl she didn’t even know, that ended up in a quite bad fight she never even got to see Hogsmeade, being grounded from the trips for the whole year after that (and some other things she did that extended the punishment during the year). This also held her back from joining the Quiddich-team, even though she kept to her habit of watching and helping the team, thus earning more tips, tricks and even some private flying-lessons. (Now he hopes this will be enough, together with the odd ideas her grandfather got during the summers when she talked about the game (that they of course had to try)), to get her on the team next year.)

House: Gryffindor [link]

Year: 4

Wand; a 9 ¾ inches long oak-wand with a phoenix-feather as its core [link]
She also keeps her quite torn old boots, her grandfather’s old dog-tags, and a framed family-photo on her bedside-table (but that picture of course does only include her father’s side of the family)
When getting her Hogwarts-letter her dad brought her a Giant pouched rat (on Freya’s own request, since she’d just read about them in school), which she named Smurf and he of course got to come along to Hogwarts. (After being overfed by Freya’s grandmother the little creature had grown quite big even for his own kind, and now had a weight of 1,7 kg, and is 55 cm long, not including the tail)

Family List:
Father; Jack Williams
Mother; (unknown to Freya, more than by name) Jessica Almond
Grandmother; Sophie Williams
Grandfather; Thomas Willams

Friend List:
(none yet, but that will hopefully change during the year)

-Despite all that her dad tried to teacher her Freya is too much of a hot-head to think of a good strategy at the burst of a moment (that quite often comes later when the whole fight is over)
-Even if she has no problem with her school-uniform (it is a uniform), Freya’s grandmother never managed to get the girl to wear a proper long dress, and she is utterly hopeless at walking in high heels.
-Although she will never admit it Freya does have quite a problem with “odd” music and movies (such as Marilyn Manson); it both makes her feel a bit sick and scares her.
-She can be quite blunt, but never means any harm. She has simply adopted her father’s way of speaking.

(Will come later)

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PostSubject: Re: Gryffindor Students   Gryffindor Students Icon_minitimeWed Jan 18, 2012 7:52 pm

Name: Sheena Robinns
Nickname: Kitten (her father’s nickname for her, due to her sweet visage and her goofy trouble making character)
Age: Eleven
Birthday: November 28th
Gender: Female
Nationality: English
Blood Status: Muggle-born
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Sexuality: Pansexual
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 125lbs

Physical Description: Around average height for a girl her age, Sheena has a fairly athletic build. Her long legs and strong arms give her a few acquired aspects of a good athlete. She has wide, hazel eyes and a small button nose that give her an almost doll-like appearance. Sheena also has fair skin, due to the rainy climate of her home town, and light freckles. She also has a small beauty mark beside her right eye.
At Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Sheena is required to adorn a School uniform color coated to match the House in which a student is place and a pair of black leather, knee high boots. Her uniform consists of a white button up shirt, a grey pleated skirt with red trim, a red and gold tie around her neck, and a grey and silver cape draped around her shoulders, closed in the front by a small black clasp. A red, gold, white, and black double breasted over coat completes the main uniform. A corresponding robe is worn during outings, it is red and gold. A hood drapes down the back of the robe and a slit reaches just up to the lower back to allow for freer movement.
During holidays and vacation, Sheena is usually wearing muggle clothing. Slouchy, comfortable sweaters and blue or black jeans is her preferred garments, though she will be seen in dressier clothes such as skirts and sundresses when appropriate. During the cooler months Sheena adorns her black, wool, pea coat and a large red plaid scarf. Black high tops, or white sneakers are her usual choice of foot wear, though it isn’t rare to spot her out bare foot.

Personality: Courageous, gutsy, and extremely impulsive, Sheena tends to get herself into mischief every so often. Though a troublemaker, and a sly, cunning individual, Sheena never fails to be respectful of those around her and always be helpful when she has the opportunity. Knowing to never take things to far, she rarely gets out of hand and always knows when enough is enough. Always aiming to care for and protect those around her, Sheena can snap from goofy to serious in mere seconds if the need be. Overall having a strong hold on her anger, Sheena has been known to lash out almost violently when someone threatens those she loves.

Bio: Originally from a small country town in England, Sheena grew up not knowing her birth family. Born the daughter of two Muggles, an accidental pregnancy, she was abandoned on the front porch of an unsuspecting, middle class family. Dimitrius and Arthur Robinns took young Sheena in, contemplating briefly whether they should raise her or hand her into social services. Grateful to have the chance to raise the child as their own, they decided to keep her.
Sheena lead a happy life, learning the trivial lessons one must learn and being raised to never judge people blindly. Gaining many friends, both magical and non magical, she grew close with her neighbours and became very close with one, Morgana Burton. A few years older than Sheena, Morgana was the youngest daughter of a half-blood family, although she was not magical. Still unknowing that she was the daughter of two muggles, Sheena prayed and prayed that she wouldn’t have any magic so Morgana wouldn’t be alone in her family.
When Sheena had magic, she was overwhelmed with both excitement and disappointment. While enjoying the feeling of having this wonderful gift, she didn’t want her dear friend to be by herself. Talking to her father’s about it, they softly explained that you can’t control if you have magic or not, it’s who you are and whether you have it or not doesn’t make you any different from one another. This was also when they told her the story of how she came to them and how it was a miracle that she had any magic in her at all. The next day, Sheena told Morgana that she had magic and that she was sorry. Morgana laughed at her apology and told her that she didn’t mind not having magic, and it seemed to be such a bother to her anyways. They laughed at their sillyness and went on their way, all the while, Sheena asking questions about Morgana’s family and what sort of things magic can really do.
When finally receiving her acceptance letter to Hogwarts, Sheena ran to her fathers and got them to open it for her. Overly excited she couldn’t stop smiling and giggling the whole time they were reading it. She didn’t stop asking questions about the school and classes and such until she was put to bed after supper.

History at Hogwarts: Sheena will be attending her very first semester at Hogwarts this year.

House: Gryffindor
Year: First
Items: A slender, willow wand. Reaching nine inches in length, with a Pheonix tail core.
Family List:
Dimitrius Robinns (father (adoptive), Gryffindor, halfblood)
Arthur Robinns (father (adoptive), Hufflepuff, halfblood)
(Birth parents are Unknown)

Friend List:
Ella Walkyr (Halfblood, does not currently attend Hogwarts, will next year)
Aleks Walkyr (Halfblood, Ravenclaw, graduate)
Morgana Burton (Squib, halfblood)
Sebastian Cadden (Muggle)
Cybill Cadden (Muggle)

Georgie (Calico kitten, white, brown, ginger, one blue eye and one green eye)

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PostSubject: Re: Gryffindor Students   Gryffindor Students Icon_minitimeWed Feb 01, 2012 8:59 am

Name: Marik Brown
Nickname: Riik
Age: 16
Birthday: March 1
Gender: Male
Nationality: British with a some trace of Egyptian
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Sexuality: Straight, a little bi-curious
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 136 lbs

Physical Description: Marik's kind of average height, he has rectangular glasses and tan-ish skin. His eyes are a dark brown and so is his hair. His hair is really messy and about medium length. In his right ear, he has a feather earring.

Marik is shy, nervous and easily intimidated. He’d do anything for his friends because he has few of them that he’s really close to. He really likes reading books and loves the idea of justice being served to the bad guys. His determination to do good is like his courage: it depends how much wrong-doing he can bare to suffer before doing something about it.

Bio: Marik is the only child of Farhan and Jamaila Brown, his parents were muggles living in Liverpool, England. Growing up in Liverpool, he gained an accent from it. Both his parents are immigrants from Eygpt, his dad owns a merchant trade passed down in his family. Some of Marik’s ancestors were tomb raiders and some were caught stealing and died a thief’s death.

When he was 7 or 8, Marik got really sick and the muggle doctors thought he was going to die. Since Allah was not healing Marik (his parents are Sunni muslims), both parents began to lose hope and began to question their religious beliefs. What everyone didn’t know was that Marik got dragonpox, but one of the doctors in the hospital was a wizard and told the proper authorities. So Marik was transferred to St Mungo’s a bit after and his parents were told that Marik was a muggleborn wizard.

It came as a shock to his parents that he could do magic, but they told him they were proud of his gifts that Allah had bestowed upon him. But one night, Marik overheard his mother crying and his father wondering why their only son was cursed with devil’s magic. This moment broke Marik and he became more withdrawn and retreated to books, because books can’t hurt you like people can.

History at Hogwarts:
Year 1 - 4: Marik stays to himself for most of the time and he doesn’t try to make friends with other people. He stays in the library and is often terrorized by professor Lionheart.
Year 5: OWL year, he knows by now that he should stay out of the library and tries to find other places that are quiet enough for him to read. He probably read all the books in the library except for the ones in the restricted section and some of the books in the higher shelves. Some people approach him, but he doesn’t go out of his way to become friends with people.
Year 6: -Current year-

House: Gryffindor http://www.thealmightyguru.com/Reviews/HarryPotter/Docs/Quiz-House-Results.html?13&12&12&7
Year: 6
Items: Wand; 11”, Holly, Unicorn http://www.okcupid.com/results/the-harry-potter-wand-test/?var_emotional=4&var_bravery=7&fromCGI=1&var_martyrdom=7&var_wisdom=3

Family List:
- Farhan Brown, dad
- Jamila (nee Hadad) Brown, mom

Friend List:
- Sam <3
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