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 Ravenclaw Students

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PostSubject: Ravenclaw Students   Mon Jan 16, 2012 3:57 am

just so teacher and student-apps won't get mixed up
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PostSubject: Re: Ravenclaw Students   Mon Jan 16, 2012 4:02 am

Name: Claudia Emilia Lydia Ripper

Nickname: Doesn’t have one

Age: 15 years old

Birthday: 13 of November

Gender: Female

Nationality: English (but with roots in Sweden from her mother’s side)

Blood Status: Pureblood (and proud such)

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Sexuality: Heterosexual (she would most likely be disowned if she even mentioned the possibility of her being bisexual, let alone homosexual...)
She is currently dating Kevin Wong

Height: 172 cm

Weight: 57 kg

Physical Description:
Claudia is quite small and skinny, growing up constantly being told that fat is disgusting and unacceptable, which has left her all but anorectic. It is not unusual to see her skip lunch and only have a cup of tea, only eating small meals at morning and evening. She has never eaten candy or sweets, and since a proper lady never even run she has never got any exercise that would make her build much of a muscle mass.
Up until last year she wore her hair in two big curly pigtails with pink ribbons, making her look a lot like some kind of doll (which was the main purpose of it). Now she has changed this to one ponytail, but still keeps her hair curly by a spell and wears a ribbon when she feels like it.
Due to a lot of lessons about acting and proper manners Claudia know how to keep her grey eyes cold and inexpressive. Most of the feelings, like smiles when meeting people, worry and laughter, are fake. She only does what is expected of her to fit in. Anger is however one of the few things she recently has been having trouble with keeping hidden, even if it is improper…

Personalit: Coming from an ancient and proud wizard-family she has always been encouraged to act like a proper daughter; sit still, be polite, stay clean and, above all, be quiet. Claudia never saw any reason to rebel against these rules, instead she followed them splendidly.

Today she is still a believer of strict rules and social skills. Talking correctly, follow authority orders, never step out of line, keep up all expectations etc. Even if she's been getting used to others breaking these rules after she came to Hogwarts she would have a huge problem if she'd (for unknown reasons) try something like it herself. But just like her brother she has grown to be an expert in finding loopholes and if two rules clash against each other one can just chose which one to follow when one is pleased.
She would never even consider being a part of the Quiddich-team, let alone a Tri-Wizard-Tournament. She refuses to dance ballet, finding tutus inappropriate to wear (she's already got her problem about the school-uniform and the skirt being a bit short...)

Being raised far away from others, Claudia has got a little problem getting along with people of her own age; she's got no clue on how to make people like her for being herself (the way she wants it), and not for her family, manners or money. If she ever would start calling someone a friend she'd happily do anything for them, even if it might take some time for her to get used to it (liking people for no reason is not logical, not even if you like them just for being them). People who get on her bad side though will probably never be forgiven or trusted, and Claudia is no one to hide her dislike for someone she's once started to hate.

As a hobby, aside from the musical-lessons (as a tradition in the family) she collects porcelain dolls and music-boxes, read books, and exercise spells.

She hates loud kids, rude people, mess of any kind, dogs, and dirt.

Bio: Being a middle-child of three, and having a constant war with her siblings, Claudia has grown to be just at cold and collected as her parents would expect, despite her cuter outside. Over the years the war between the children of the family changed from toys to pure dignity; losing was the most humiliating thing any of them knew. It also grew more intense, to the point of then older brother and Claudia mentally breaking their little sister completely (she is now seen as a bit of a black spot on the family name). Despite of this their parents would do nothing to stop them, as long as they kept quiet, tidy and well-behaved on the surface. Lying, backstabbing and plotting revenge is a never-ending chore for both of them.

Of course, parents raising such children would be having different ideas for most things, and that includes the consequence of not following the rules they put up. Instead of being scolded or even hit, they were simply silenced with a cold glare, put in a quiet room for a suiting amount of time, and when they were let out they would find that one of their belongings that they cares mostly about would have disappeared. Where it was taken they never knew, they never found them again, but it has left all of the children with a small paranoia for their belongings, and a fear of too silent and empty rooms (especially with heavy doors one can't open from the inside).

She has never been allowed to see any muggle-part of the world, thus knowing very little of anything coming from them (although she doubt she missed anything important)

Since their parents see themselves as too good for most other families in the wizard-world, Claudia know very few of her own age. This has let her keep the dream-image of friends and love she's learned about from books, and now that she's at a school surrounded by others alike her she wants to find out one and for all if it can be real.

Some things might have changed though, such as that her dram of love seemed to come real, even, and if it was not really the way she expected it she could not be happier, and it does seem like one can marry out of love after all…

History at Hogwarts:
First year; Claudia entered the school like the perfect little daughter, looking every bit like a porcelain-doll. Her brother had already made everyone pretty sure of what to expect from her, she was a Ripper after all, right? Even if she did not end up in Slytherin she was still a pureblood, raised to be proud of such, and she kept to all rules of manner perfectly. This tented to creep out most people, and even if she was polite Claudia ended up not having any friends at all (if she even knew what a friend was is unknown)
He curly pigtails quite soon became the trademark of hers, but with a sharp tongue she kept those that seemed to want to tease her away (just like she did whenever it seemed like somebody would laugh at her way of talk and act)

Second year; Starting up just like the previous year Claudia now began to make a bigger difference to who she had been told to act good against and who to avoid (no doubt her parents had made a list to her over the summer). Even if people around her kept breaking rules of how one should act Claudia kept on her own perfect acting. By now one could clearly see that very little of her was a person at all; everything was about the Rules. Despite some friendly attempts she never showed any sign of wanting to befriend anyone. She never seemed to understand that the rules she lived by was old and left for dead by everyone else…

Third year; By now people seemed to have assumed that she wanted to be alone since she never let anybody in, and left Claudia by herself. The fact that she watched the everyday-drama play out around her with laugher and love while she just stood still in silence and hated every moment of it seems to have passed everyone. But instead of trying to talk to people Claudia shut herself in her own mind, rather dreaming of things than risk being hurt by real people.

Fourth year; The year that someone finally saw her… After a Yule-ball that went from a dance-lesson to her first kiss and in the end being abandoned and humiliated (according to herself) Claudia finally met the boy that in the end broke down her walls; Kevin Lee (now-days Wong). It took him a big part of the rest of the year to do so, but in the end not only friendship but love was no longer a dream to the little girl in pigtails and pink ribbons…

House: Ravenclaw
Year: 5
Except for the ribbons she use for her hair, Claudia prefer to only wear jewelry at special occasions (even though she's got quite a collection of them, mostly family heirlooms)
Her wand is made out of holly, 10 ¼ inches long, and with a dragon heart-string as its core.
Claudia is also currently keeping her Siamese cat, named Harlekin, with her at school. Of course the cat is also well-behaved (it is doubtful if it would have been alive if it wasn't)

Family List:
family tree; [link]
Father; Amadeus
Mother; Rosalia
Brother; Nicodemus
(Sister; Clara)

Friend List:
Rowan Watson
(Claudia is still not sure what makes a real friend, growing up with nothing but storied-books as examples, so this is rather a list of “Acquaintances”)
Aremis Wong
Lizzy Miller

-After being raised with a dark room as a punishment Claudia is still terrified of the dark, and her roommates will have to stand that she keep a few soaring bubbles filled with a soft magical light by the roof of her bed to never let it be dark, not even at night…

(Will come later)

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PostSubject: Re: Ravenclaw Students   Wed Jan 18, 2012 6:55 pm

Name: Estella Nyx
Nickname: Stella
Age: 14
Birthday: August 27
Gender: Female
Nationality: Hispanic - Greek
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 5’6
Weight: 122 lbs.

Physical Description:
- She has red-brown hair that she likes to tie back with a ribbon. Many people are jealous of her olive skin tone (seeing as she tans so nicely…not that she cares) coming from her Greek heritage. The most notable physical trait to her is her eyes: one green, one silver. This trait is quite rarely found.

- She is very quiet at times but is very smart, creative, and resourceful in her way of thinking and acting. She does not care as much about looks (in her opinion the ribbon in her hair is good enough). She is the type to ignore harsh comments targeted towards her but shows the opposite reaction when her friends are targeted. When her friends get targeted, she grows cold and fierce. She is also known to be quite stubborn at times.
- She loves nature and simpler surroundings (which is a reason, considering where Hogwarts is, she likes the school). She can’t stand big cities as well as snobs who come from there and target other poor people.
- She excels in Herbology and Charms and has a strong talent for Transfiguartion.

- Estella is a half-blood, born from a half-blood mother and a Muggle-born father. Her mother, Aurora Carmen, came from a family that did not want Muggles married into their family line. They are a half-blood family and recently some of the descendants have married purebloods. When Aurora's parents (both half-blood) learned that she wished to marry Silas Nyx, a Muggle-born wizard, they had a fierce dispute with her and, in the end, disowned her. The two married and three years later, Aurora was pregnant with Estella. Even while in pregnancy, Aurora traveled with Silas to different places around the world. However, when the time came for Estella to be born, Aurora couldn’t handle the pregnancy and died in childbirth. Estella was born in New Zealand.
- Silas Nyx was both a traveler and a Healer so Estella was taken to different places both Muggle and wizard at a young age. During their travels and throughout her life, Estella was taught on not taking advantage of magic as it is a gift that is not to be used lightly. Whenever they weren’t traveling, they’d stay in a house in a small town in Greece near her uncle and aunt, Leo and Tasia Pamphilos.
- Estella first experienced magic when she was 8 years old. She was playing with some other kids in a forest in Greece when all of a sudden she fell into a huge hole. As she was calling out and shaking in fear, the root of a tree picked her up and lifted her gently to the grass above. As she stood up, a branch of the same tree shook a flower off and let it gently fall into her hands. The only person who saw this was her friend Sam Elias who kept it a secret from everyone.
- Both Estella and Sam got their letters a month before Estella turned 11.

History at Hogwarts:
1st year – She was a quiet new student. When she and Sam were placed in the same house, she was very happy. Some of the Slytherin kids teased her on the color of her eyes and her half-blood status. However, no matter what they said, Estella simply ignored them and went on with her life. She excelled in classes like Charms and her favorite class was Transfiguration. She spent her spare time writing or singing by the trees.

2nd year – Estella retained a cold atmosphere but was not completely unapproachable. She met Aria Hunt and her twin brother Dante while roaming around Hogwarts. She spent a lot of time with Dante in the Owlery. Since Aria was in most of her classes, they eventually grew to be friends. Since Sam made it on the Quidditch team, she spent time cheering him on during the games (he was a Chaser). Her other colder side also came when she punched a Slytherin boy for calling Sam "mudblood scum".

3rd year – She found her least favorite class: Divinations When the Divinations professor made a bitter prediction on her and spoke bitter words about her mother, Estella began to really hate the class. Aria, her partner, actually liked Divinations which stumped her until she saw Aria's talent for it. On the other hand, she absolutely loved Care of Magical Creatures and the teacher as well. Her main peak of interest was in becoming an Animagus so she started studying up in the beginning of the year.

House: Ravenclaw [link]
Year: 4
- Wand: Holly with Dragon 12” [link]
- She carries a scrapbook in which she puts moving pictures and other small momentos of her travels with her father in. It also holds a picture of her mother as well as a picture of her and Sam as kids.
- She has a journal where she is starting to write bits and pieces of a novel together. In the first pages of the journal is a list of personal goals and quotes she holds dear to her. (Both the scrapbook and journal are protected by strong Shield Charms.)
- Broom: Moontrimmer 900
Family List:
- Aurora Nyx - Mother (deceased)
- Silas Nyx - Father
- Tasia Pamphilos – Aunt (Silas’ sister – also a Muggle-born wizard)
- Leo Pamphilos – Uncle (just a Muggle but very aware of wizards)
Friend List:
Sam Elias – childhood friend
Aria Hunt
Dante Hunt
Samantha Dean
Wren Cailles
Vince Dean
- Her owl, Yavanna, has been a loyal pet ever since Aunt Tasia surprised her with it for her birthday. Estella lets her out frequently.
- During her first year, she couldn’t stand wearing a skirt. She wore shorts until a Professor used threat to make her wear the skirt.
- Due to her travels throughout her life, Estella is fluent in many languages such as English, Spanish, and Greek.
- When a Bogart approached her for the first time, it turned into a dark and lonely cage. (there’s a meaning to this)
- She normally strolls outside and loves to sing. As a child, her magic really connected to nature so they have a link.

Will be added later
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PostSubject: Re: Ravenclaw Students   Sat Jan 28, 2012 2:13 pm

Name: Artemis Selene Wong
Nickname: N/A
Age: 16
Birthday: January 1, 2083
Gender: Female
Nationality: Chinese
Blood Status: Pureblood
Zodiac Sign: Tiger (Chinese), Sagittarius (Greek)
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 149 lbs

Physical Description: Artemis is, except for the differences between males and females, the exact copy of her older twin Apollo. Up until her fifth year at Hogwarts, she wore pants and kept her hair short to keep up their twin act. For the most part, there were few that noticed her hidden chest and slight curves (the advantages of a billowy robe, of course). However, after entering a dating relationship with Adrien Bonnes, she began to worry about her appearance. After speaking with her brother, they both drank a potion to speed up the growth of their hair; still keeping with their twin act in a modest manner. In the present time, she’s often seen wearing skirts and dresses more so than pants, something her brother despises because of the “draft” that breezes past her legs.

Personality: Artemis is factual and rather straight to the point, she enjoys mysteries and is always determined to solve them. Polite, critical and slightly sarcastic, she is rarely not serious. She is prone to doubting herself greatly at times, such that she cannot accept compliments; a self-esteem issue. Some would say that she sticks far too closely with her elder twin brother Apollo. But the two would merely smile and say that it is an act for fun. No one knows what they truly think.

Bio: Artemis has made a lot more friends in her 5th year at Hogwarts, although if asked if she’d trust them with her secrets; the answer would be a blunt “no”. She is usually found with Apollo if not by herself, as she doesn't like sharing her twin with other people. Although this fear of separation from both twins is because of their bond, a mystery in and out of itself. In short, they share a mental, emotional and physical link with each other because of a curse in their family concerning twins and those with the mark of the Head (see <a href="http://slayer-1412.deviantart.com/art/Ares-Wong-Application-274808882">Ares Wong’s bio</a> for more information on the Wong family).

At the age of 3, Artemis and Apollo were sent to live with their uncle, Adrian Wong, in Great Britain. There were no reasons provided, leading to the twins to believe their parents were dead or in a similar condition. To not lose face in front of the other pureblood families in Britain, she’s been taught to act like blood mattered (although behind closed doors, none of the Wongs think that it does) and to value family as well as tradition. She thinks of her cousins--Ares, Argos and Anne--just like her brother since they've all grown up together.

She was arranged to be married to her cousin (Ares Wong) unless he was able to find another suitable match (that is, another witch who his father approves). This is, however, an arrangement made by Professor Wong. Her grandmother, May Wong, arranged her to be married to another pureblood in China: Mark Chu. These negotiations were effectively annulled by a marriage proposal from Adrien Bonnes. By accepting Adrien’s proposal, their marriage would bind the Wongs to the Bonnes: a strategic move, according to May. As such, though Adrien was not of Asian descent, he was permitted to wed Artemis. Not that either one cared much about blood purity: they truly love each other.

History at Hogwarts:
Year 1: She had been to Hogwarts a couple times, when visiting her uncle during his working weeks. Knows her way around the school.
Year 2: Tries out for Quidditch and was only considered because there were players even worse than her trying out for chaser.
Year 3: Feels her schoolwork lacking and uses time to study instead of train. Doesn't make the house team this year.
Year 4: Does well in school, but although her time is balanced between training and studying. She is outshined by other chasers and didn't make the house team.
Year 5: OWLs! Gotta study for them! She was training with Apollo and trying to get into the house team this year. This was the year she started dating: Adrien Bonnes, her first and only relationship. In the end, she did make the team, but declined due to certain problems arising before the matches and never played.
Year 6: –Current Year-

House: Ravenclaw
Year: 6
Items: A silver bracelet on her left wrist, as well as a silver ring on her fourth finger (left hand). If asked about the two, she’d smile and say that it was for “protection”. Superstitions or something else? Only her brother and close friends know.

Family List:
:bulletblack: Julius Wong (grandfather) (deceased)
:bulletblack: May Wong (grandmother)
:bulletgreen: Professor Adrian Wong (uncle)
:bulletred: Anne Wong (nee Lee) (aunt) (deceased)
:bulletgreen: Alexandra Wong (aunt) (deceased)
:bulletgreen: Anthony Wong (father)
:bulletblack: Priscilla Wong (nee Mok) (mother)
:bulletyellow: Matthew Thanatos Lee (first cousin)
:bulletgreen: Asmodeus Ripper (first cousin-in-law)
:bulletblue: Louise Alecto Ripper (nee Wong) (first cousin)
:bulletblack: Laura Wong (nee Chan) (aunt)
:bulletred: Professor Jasmine Wong (first cousin once removed)
:bulletblack: Alexander Zeus Wong (brother) (deceased?)
:bulletyellow: Kevin Cerberus Wong (first cousin)
:bulletgreen: Ares Lionel Wong (first cousin)
:bulletblue: Apollo Helios Wong (brother)
:bulletpurple: Argos Pavo Wong (first cousin)
:bulletred: Anne Athena Wong (first cousin)

Friend List:
:bulletgreen: Adrien Bonnes :heart:
:bulletred: Janet O'Malley
:bulletgreen: AJ Wallace
:bulletred: Vaska Sparrow
:bulletblue: Serifim Sparrow
:bulletyellow: Lizzy Miller
:bulletred: Gleek Jack
:bulletblue: Claudia Ripper
:bulletyellow: Jynx Karm
:bulletgreen: Alice Karter

:bulletblack: Artemis is right handed while Apollo is left handed.
:bulletblack: She owns a falcon named Lune.
:bulletblack: Adrien gave her a garden snaked named Kuro around early April the year before, Artemis keeps the snake in her sleeves most of the time.
:bulletblack: She's younger than Apollo by about 2 minutes.
:bulletblack: She is allergic to strawberries, it is a life-threatening allergy if she swallows some.
:bulletblack: Why is her middle name Selene? Dunno, her parents and grandparents have a thing for Greek gods and goddesses~


House Reasons
Hufflepuff, tied with Ravenclaw

Holly, dragon heartstring, 12 inches

Holly is a powerful protective wood that good for use against evil, but it also represents dreams and fertility. Your dragon's heartstring core makes your wand very effective in hexes.

Adrien Bonnes and Janet O'Malley © :devCupcak3Bby:
AJ Wallace © :devFlaminandfamous789:
Lizzy Miller © :devMaki121:
Gleek Jack and Jynx Karm © :devDeadisAliveButEnding:
Claudia Ripper © :devAmetyr:
All the Wongs © :devSlayer-1412:

The work contained in my gallery is copyrighted©2008-2011 Ying Kwan To. All rights reserved. My work may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written permission. My work does not belong to the public domain. If you doubt this, feel free to email me: det.co_1412@yahoo.com
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PostSubject: Re: Ravenclaw Students   Sat Jan 28, 2012 4:59 pm

Name: Angelo Maximilian
Nickname: Angelo
Age: 16 years old
Birthday: December 24
Gender: Male
Nationality: British
Blood Status: Pureblood
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Sexuality: Unknown (well, he hasn't explored the relationship department so he has no idea)
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 169 lbs

Physical Description:
He's got a short spiky-ish blonde hair, the trademark Maximilian piercing blue eyes though his are a bit softer and fair complexion. When it comes to uniform, he wears the right clothes; wearing it properly though is a different issue. Under his clothes, he has different sorts of tattoos at the back and sometimes on his chest and a piercing on his bellybutton. He also wears two earring on one ear. His tattoos are magically placed so he's able to remove it or change it whenever he so pleases; usually changes them every 3 or 4 months

Angelo is a bit eccentric, to put it lightly. He is the sort of guy who, as how his younger brother describes, has the mood swings of a pregnant woman. There are times when he's cheerful and lively, especially when he's inspired. Other times, he's gloomy and would, mope beside the window of woe. Part of being an artist, I suppose.

Either way, it's rare to get a straight answer from him.

He also loves muggle books; especially those that involves Philosophy and History. He carries a different one around almost every week. At the last pages of those books are tons of doodles. He just can't stop himself from drawing on them even though he carries his sketchbook around as well.

He loves his younger half-brother, Lex dearly. In fact, if things goes downhill for his younger brother, he always acts as a scapegoat whether Lex acknowledges it or not. The one thing he can't truly give to his brother though is the head of their family position. It's not that he wants it. Merlin, he openly speaks his disinterest. But he doesn't want his younger brother taking the position either because he compares it to a lifetime imprisonment.

He isn't the type who gets easily irritated. He's pretty calm and it will take a great deal of effort or misfortune to get him angry. Be warned though. I would now wake the sleeping cougar were I you.


Muggle Philosophy Books
Drawing women (no, he's not a perv. He just see women as the perfect epitome of beauty and art.)
His cat, Mr. Wiggums
His brother Lex
Other relatives in the family. Mostly from the half-blood side
Ancient Runes (class)
Astronomy (class)

He doesn't dislike anything much. If he ever dislikes anything, he will be very bery angry and I as said before, it's like waking up the sleeping cougar.

Anyone hurting his friends and loved ones

Angelo is a result of 'in-breeding'. It's kinda complicated. Gabriel Maximilianm, his father, marries his second cousin, Mikaela Maximilian, for blood purity's sake.

When he finds out about Lex's being his half-brother, he becomes more attached to him, making sure that he feels at home with them. Due to his eccentric personality though, he seems to be overdoing it, sometimes becoming too affectionate that Lex finds him too clingy and annoying.

As he grows older, his father teaches him about his future duties and responsibilities as the next head of the family. The more he hears about it, the more he disdains it. He then openly refuses it, saying that he feels like a caged bird. Still, his parents do not heed his requests and still forces the issue on him.

When he starts to notice his younger brother's interest on the position, he feels that Lex does not deserve such punishment and so strives hard with keeping his brother from gaining their parents' favor while still openly speaking his disinterest to it. It becomes harder and harder too each time since Lex is quite cunning and gradually gains more of their parents' favor.

History at Hogwarts:

First Year: Angelo was excited about his first year at Hogwarts, especially when he was sorted to Ravenclaw. That night he sent a letter to his parents. The reply was... well, they weren't disappointed about it. That was the good thing. They weren't happy about it though. It took him days before he recovered from his saddened mood. He pretty much convinced himself that it could had been worse. He could had ended up in Gryffindor then got disowned. After that he was back to his lively side.

Second Year: This year, his younger brother, Lex, entered Hogwarts so he was all overly-protective mode on him. This also put him more time in his 'Window of Woe' since his brother tended to get annoyed by his overly affectionate tratment. Still, he was glad that he was able to save Lex from embarrassment by acting as the scapegoat. He got detention after that but it didn't bother him.

Third Year: He received countless letters from his parents that he entered the Quidditch team. He ignored it though. He exercised everyday, usually jogged around before breakfast so he was a bit athletic but his flying skills were pretty average. He focused more on studying and reading muggle books he slowly became fascinated about. He also slowly became fond of sketching. During Christmas break, he bought a whole box of sketchpads.

Fourth Year: Nothing eventful happened this year. Accidental spells here and there. Few exploding potions but he still kept his good grades. Trouble though was that his brother seem to get above average marks and he seemed to slowly get their parents favor. He wouldn't mind if not for the fact that he once overheard their father commenting about the possibility that Lex was more suitable. Thus, he show more enthusiasm in studying and surprised everyone when he excelled in many of his classes.

House: Ravenclaw [link]
Year: 5th year


Wand: 11 2/3", Oak, Veela [link]
Hats in different styles. Some are like panda, cat, dog, racoon hats. Of course there are normal hats too.
Art Supplies
Muggle Philosophy Books

Family List:
[link] For the family tree.

Friends List:
He has more fans than friends. And they never really approach him. They just wave a hand and if he waves back, which he always does, the blush and giggle before they go their merry way.
So far, no one really has spoken to him other than:

Lizzy Miller
Jian Erin


Pet: orange tabby cat: Mister Wiggums. Yes, Angelo named it. Actually named it when he was six and since then it only responded to that name. Also, Mr. Wiggums is a girl. He just figured out about it later.
Patronus: Dove
Animagus: (well he hasn't learned it yet but if he ever does) Cougar
Bogart is a bloody dead body of his loved ones
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Ravenclaw Students
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