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 One Long lesson...

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One Long lesson... Empty
PostSubject: One Long lesson...   One Long lesson... Icon_minitimeTue Jan 24, 2012 5:43 am

By the end of the lesson Claudia could only sigh as she knew that the bell would soon ring to their freedom. This really had been one of the worst classes in Herbology yet! Now she for sure looked quite like everyone else, and she was not happy, not at all! She knew she probably had both vines and flowers in her hair, she could feel she had quite a soil-mark on her cheek, and just like everyone else she was only dressed in her shirt, and that stupid plant had even tucked down her tie until she really looked like someone who wore their school uniform like some sleeping-wear!

Flushed and all but sweaty after working more than she was used to this was probably as close to “Normal, relaxed and human” Claudia Ripper had ever been, even if she herself hated not looking her closest to perfect… All she could do was be grateful Kevin Lee could not see her now…
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One Long lesson...
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