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 The Ripper Mansion

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PostSubject: The Ripper Mansion   Tue Dec 20, 2011 6:56 am

In the depth of the infamous rosegarden lies the over 400 years old estate that has been owned by the Ripper-family since it was built. Re-constructions and addings to the enormus building has left it somewhere between a great house and a castle, and both the inside as well as the outside carry traces and memories of all the ages that has passed by.
To the left after you pass through the great oak-doors you can see the pride of the family; a whole wall covered by the family-tree, with roots older then the manison itself. Bloodlines that has been guarded and kept pure for centuries tell their stories in the family albums, together with portraits and pictures, secured in the library.
Outside the magical roses continue to grow, well guarded and kept clean by the proud purebloods that has made a great name out of manners and magic in wizard society. Only welcoming those of their own kind they continue to watch over their inheritance and ancient name, as well as traditions of old and pride of the past and present.

Have you been invited? Then please, step inside, no need to linger here...

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The Ripper Mansion
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