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 Make it fly away!

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Make it fly away! Empty
PostSubject: Make it fly away!   Make it fly away! Icon_minitimeSat Jan 28, 2012 5:45 am

Who knew that making a pillow fly away from you could be so hard? Give that one was using magic instead of throwing it, but aiming like this was impossible! So far it seemed like only the most gifted had got even one of their pillows into the box by the black board…

With a sigh Freya waved her wand again, glaring at the square of fabric and feathers in front of her. This time at least it moved, but not where she had intended to; hitting another student close by the old worn pillow ripped open by the force of the spell and whit feathers blew everywhere, landing on the Gryffindor-girl as well. Staring at what looked like fake snow it was impossible or her not to laugh at it!
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Make it fly away!
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