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 Slytherin Students

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PostSubject: Slytherin Students   Sat Jan 28, 2012 2:18 pm

As the title says.
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PostSubject: Re: Slytherin Students   Sat Jan 28, 2012 2:18 pm

Name: Ares Lionel Wong
Nickname: The god of Egos and the god of Slytherin (courtesy of Alice Karter), god of War
Age: 17
Birthday: March 19, 2083
Gender: Male
Nationality: Chinese
Blood Status: Pureblood
Zodiac Sign: Tiger (Chinese), Pisces (Greek)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 6’1
Weight: 152 lbs

Physical Description: Ares has kept his hair long since he was young, in an effort to mimic the Chinese queue from Qing dynasty. His bangs are NOT gelled, contrary to popular belief: they are genetically structured to stay SPIKED UP. Most males in his family have this gene (his cousin Apollo escaped this “fate” through his father, who also did not have this gene), he dyed his bangs a Slytherin green the previous years in order to stand out. A reason for this would be from people mistaking him for Kevin Lee, neither of them knew that they were actually related and were half-brothers. During the summer, on a whim, he re-dyed his hair a flaming red; his reasons being that there weren't enough people afraid of the ‘god of war'.

Personality: Ares has a big ego, great confidence in himself and his skills. He jumps at any chance to prove himself physically and loves to get into fights: if you see him, start running because he will either get you to start the fight or he will. He swears like a sailor (and then some), and is not the smartest apple on the pear tree. AKA: He's an idiot. Surprisingly, he has an excellent memory with whatever he reads or hears. So a lot of students (and professors) were shocked that he had passed all his OWLs with Es and Os. Moving past this tough "bad boy" attitude, his concern for other people is limited to those within his family and people who stick to him like glue.

Bio: The Wong family has been rumoured to be descended from emperors, as the Chinese kanji for “Wong” is used in writing “king”. Although they claim to be purebloods, some research into their family lines reveal that not all members were 100% confirmed as purebloods (blame China for not having proper records in poor areas). In fact, the current members may only be halfbloods. Regardless, the Wongs have been one of the most prominent wizarding families in China for several centuries.

A moderate secret of the Wongs is that they own the largest triad in all of China, reaching international status roughly around 2077. Muggles, squibs, halfbloods, werewolves, magical creatures (with sentient minds), purebloods, etc. : all are involved, told to work together and are treated as equals. The Wong Family creed is as follows:
:bulletblack: Always obey your superior officers, elders, the Head and his family: no matter what it is they ask of you.
:bulletblack: You must be 100% loyal to the Family and only to the Family. The Family is every member of the triad, no matter how great or small.
:bulletblack: Trust the Family with your dying breath and do everything you can to keep as much of the Family alive in battle.
:bulletblack: The law of the land should be obeyed until a superior asks different of you.
:bulletblack: Most of all, the Family is your family; flesh, blood and qi.
:bulletblack: To kill one of the Family or disobey any of the creed is betrayal and will be punished by death.
:bulletwhite: To challenge another member of breaking the creed, the challenger and accused must duel in a fight to the death manner unless stated otherwise.

The Head of the Wong family is always the boss of this large triad. However, the position is not inherited: only three pureblood males are born with the Head’s Mark in the main family. This curse has been with the Wong family since the early Qin dynasty and is often used as their “proof” of being purebloods. (Though nothing is said of the males that were confirmed to be halfbloods and had this mark, except the word “execution”…) Throughout the family’s history, many times have a younger son been declared the Head over his elder brother; leading to many, many, many branches or side-families of the Wongs.

Every member of the Head Wong’s immediate family (including first cousins) are trained how to fight and defend themselves from the age of 3. Depending on the child’s dexterity, instructions in using weapons may or may not be included in this training (although such an situations appear to be rare as each parent spars with their child in light combat outside of their training). On the child’s 7th birthday, they are told to fight their martial arts teacher in a death match. Of course, four years worth of training is not enough for a child to kill a master in the martial arts unless the child is a prodigy; but this practice was kept until the later part of the Qing dynasty. Even then, the Wong is expected to land a blow on their teacher who is given the right to kill their pupil. For a time, it was rare for a Wong child to have a sibling due to this tradition.

Fast forward to the present time of 2100 in Hogwarts, Ares’ friends are people who are able to ignore his massive ego. Everyone knows that most of anything he says about himself is pure self-proclamation. He was once arranged to be marry his cousin (Artemis) unless he could find another suitable match or she finds someone that her parents approve. This arrangement was made not long after he came out of the closet and admitted he was a bisexual to everyone. (AKA Professor Wong wants to ensure his line continues through his son.) That is, however, only Professor Wong's arrangement. His grandmother, May Wong, arranged him to be married to another pureblood: Helen Chow.

History at Hogwarts:
Year 1: Ares discovers that people think he gets special treatment. Starts fighting and often ends up more hurt than the other. Discovers he likes inflicting pain to others (sadistic tendencies come out).
Year 2: Quidditch! He tries out for keeper and fights to keep that position (literally). Unfortunately, due to his inexperience on keeping his fights out of the professors’ knowledge; he was banned from the Quidditch matches and was not allowed to be on the team.
Year 3: Tried dating a Slytherin girl, didn't work out so well and then her older brother who was also in Slytherin tried to beat him up for it. Found himself attracted to the brother and liked pain. He fought more often, his opponent often being Kevin Lee, who looked like he could be Ares' older brother. He was put in the same room as Dimitri Enderson (due to trouble with his old dorm mates) and they didn’t see eye to eye at all. At the end of the year, he admits his masochistic tendencies and sexuality fearlessly.
Year 4: Continues Quidditch training and is starting to win his fights (either started by him or someone else). He and Dimitri seemed to come towards an unspoken agreement on, grudgingly, stay in the same room without starting a fight. This was also the year he met a brat named Gage Cailles from Gryffindor, to say they got into petty fights is an understatement.
Year 5: OWL year, he didn't take many notes or attend review classes. As such, Ares surprised everyone when he announced his score the following year. His fighting record has been something of a legend, more wins than losses this year. He strikes up a strange friendship with Dimitri and they start to respect each other (somehow…). Finally, after a bit of a run-in with some centaurs in the forest with Gage, they bonded over the near death experience and became bros.
Year 6: Finally nabbed Silvine Naurmendau as his girlfriend, knocked her up and they married in June (note, a wizard or witch is a legal adult as soon as he or she turns 17, therefore, Ares and Silvine had a wizard marriage as both were 17 before June). Had to deal with other drama such as Professor Lionheart and a little potioneer named Alice. To the school’s surprise, Kevin Lee was actually his older half-brother from his father’s previous marriage. Finding that out, Ares began to be a bit nicer to Kevin and started less fights with him.
Year 7: –Current Year-

House: Slytherin
Year: 7
Items: A jade necklace with a dragon and dog inscription, given by his grandmother.

Family List:
:bulletgreen: Julian Wong (paternal grandfather, deceased)
:bulletblack: May (nee Chang) Wong (paternal grandmother)
:bulletred: James Chan (maternal grandfather)
:bulletred: Joyce (nee Chen) Chan (maternal grandmother)
:bulletgreen: Professor Adrian Wong (father)
:bulletred: Anne Wong (nee Lee) (step-mother, deceased)
:bulletgreen: Alexandra Wong (aunt, deceased)
:bulletgreen: Anthony Wong (uncle)
:bulletblue: Priscilla (nee Mok) Wong (aunt)
:bulletyellow: Natalie Chan (old, Li) (aunt)
:bulletgreen: Laura (nee Chan) Wong (mother)
:bulletgreen: Matthew Thanos Lee (half-brother)
:bulletgreen: Asmodeus Ripper (half-brother-in-law)
:bulletgreen: Louise Alecto Ripper (nee Wong) (half-sister)
:bulletyellow: Jason Chan (first cousin)
:bulletred: Professor Jasmine Wong (first cousin once removed)
:bulletyellow: Kevin Cerberus Wong (half-brother)
:bulletblue: Apollo Helios Wong (first cousin)
:bulletblue: Artemis Selene Wong (first cousin)
:bulletpurple: Argos Pavo Wong (brother)
:bulletred: Anne Athena Wong (sister)

Friend List:
:bulletgreen: Veles "Riev" Maximilan
:bulletgreen: Sophie Maximilian :heart: (?)
:bulletgreen: Dimitri Enderson
:bulletred: Janet O'Malley
:bulletgreen: Adrien Bonnes
:bulletgreen: AJ Wallace
:bulletred: Gleek Jack
:bulletblue: Claudia Ripper
:bulletgreen: Alice Karter
:bulletred: Gage Cailles
:bulletgreen: Bianka Roberts :heart:

:bulletblack: He owns a falcon is called Mar.
:bulletblack: He has a tattoo on his left arm, it’s covered by bandages: he magicked it there himself after reading up about marking magic.
:bulletblack: Depending on who his partner/victim is: he is very masochistic and/or sadistic.
:bulletblack: He is allergic to shrimp and some types of scallop, it is a life-threatening allergy if he consumes any amount of these things.
:bulletblack: Tried to get a snake bite piercing but was told he would be disowned if he did.
:bulletblack: Has a total of 5 piercings. 1 in each ear, 1 on his tongue, 1 on his navel and 1 that is...well, not seen anywhere when he's wearing swimwear, if you catch my drift.


House Reasons
Gryffindor ; however, Ares' ego was NOT tested in any of the questions. Although he may not be cunning, he's been taught to use people from an early age (aka, learning how to "persuade" others through fear). His ambition is matched by his lust for completing challenges, of which he tries to do as often as he can for his insatiable ego.

Oak, unicorn hair, 9 inches

Oak signifies wisdom, endurance, protection, and authority. Your unicorn's tail hair core means that you are pure of heart and care deeply for your loved ones.

Veles "Riev" Maximilian © :devnekochan014:
Dimitri Enderson © :devSilverNee:
Janet O'Malley and Adrien Bonnes © :devCupcak3Bby:
AJ Wallace © :devFlaminandfamous789:
Gleek Jack © :devDeadisAliveButEnding:
Alice Karter © :devSoraTenshi94:
Gage Cailles © :devMaki121:
Bianka Roberts © :devMiko-Ne:
All the Wongs © :devSlayer-1412:

The work contained in my gallery is copyrighted©2008-2011 Ying Kwan To. All rights reserved. My work may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written permission. My work does not belong to the public domain. If you doubt this, feel free to email me: det.co_1412@yahoo.com
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PostSubject: Re: Slytherin Students   Sat Jan 28, 2012 5:02 pm

Name: Rafael Alexander Maximilian
Nickname: Alex, Lex, Raffy, Raf, kiddo (Angelo's the only one allowed to call him that. Otherwise, he'd just ignore them)
Age: 14 years old
Birthday: July 20
Gender: Male
Nationality: British
Blood Status: Pureblood
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Sexuality: Heterosexual in public
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 145 lbs.

Physical Description:
He has a slightly long blonde hair, the trademark Maximilian piercing blue eyes and fair complexion. Almost like his older half-brother minus the cheerful, light sometimes idiotic grin. Usually wears his robes, sometimes with a hat. Boby-built is lean, perhaps small muscles but are barely noticeable.

Lex is a shrewd little boy. To everyone, he might appear lazy since he falls asleep a lot during class hours, he's actually an ambitious boy. The laziness is just a facade to make all his high marks look like he gets them effortlessly. He studies late every night though, so it's probably one of the reasons why he falls asleep in class.
He is slightly frugal, for someone who comes from a fairly wealthy family. He prefers to invest money on a business rather than spend it on personal luxuries. I guess you can say he tends to be pragmatic. After all, if it benefits him, he can make his family benefit as well.
Like his older brother, Lex is a bit eccentric; though I guess you can say he's a different type of eccentric. You may see him once in while staring in space. He usually has this blank expression. This is what he looks like when he's thinking (or plotting XD). He mumbles things incoherently and sometimes people think he knows some ancient hex and can do wandless magic. This is also his neutral face. He can crack a smile or two once in a while but it's usually if he needs to or his inablity to hide a victorious smirk.
He's good at cursing but holds his tongue when in public. The only time he curses freely is when in front of his older brother. It's also because the latter gives him more reasons to curse at him.
To his enemies, he is quite ruthless. He doesn't normally pick fights except when it's out of amusement or by accident, but if someone provokes him, he will use any means to get back at the unlucky person - ten folds.

The youngest son of the Maximilian's head family and the half-brother of Angelo Maximilian, Lex is the result of a night of drunken debauchery during a party where other pureblood families are invited. Angelo's mother gets pregrant and can't seem to remember who the father is (blame the alcohol).

Lex is not an unwanted child however. In fact, he has been welcomed in the family; though of course no one knows about the young boy's true history other than those in their family. And if they know what's good for them and the family's reputation, they will keep quiet about it.

What gets to Lex's nerves though is the fact that, even if he has been accepted as part of the family, it feels as though he really has no purpose there. Like whether his presence exists or not, it will not make much change.

Thus, he strives hard to always have his parents' approval - to be their perfect son. When he finds out his older brother's disinterest to be sorta like the next head of the family, it infuriates him on how Angelo wastes this opportunity and thus plot on way where their parents will give that position to him instead.

History at Hogwarts:

First Year: Lex was quite happy during his first year at Hogwarts, for the fact that he was sorted to the Slytherin - something their family took pride on since most of them had been sorted there. The only thing he didn't like was the flying lesson. His broom was like the rowdy horse in a rodeo show. He then claimed that his broom was jinxed by his older brother which the latter didn't deny at all. Angelo didn't do it of course but he loved his brother far too much and knew the embarrassment he'd be put in to so he claimed that he accidentally jinxed it while trying a spell he read on a book.

Second Year:After a whole summer of practice with Angelo, Lex was able to properly ride the broom. Not Quidditch quality but at least it's decent enough. He started to excel more on Potions and grew fond of Ancient Runes - one of the few interests he shared with Angelo. He gained some few friends, though he wouldn't exactly call it friends. More like people who happened to befriend him since they needed something or their parents told them too and his older brother was too eccentric for them. He didn't mind or care but he wouldn't let himself be a prey either so he usually kept his guard up.

Third Year:Nothing much interesting happened during this year other than forced to start looking for suitable partners. He wasn't all too thrilled since romance bored him and saw it as a distraction but he took this as order so he started flirting a bit with girls and even though he was able to date them for a month or so, he would end the relationship with the reason, 'I just realized she wasn't my type' or 'there's something not right about her' or 'she hasn't reached my family's standard'. It was all just an excuse of course.

House: Slytherin [link]

Year: 4th


12" Holly Dragon Heartstring [link]
Hat collection. Some are animals but those came from his brother

Family List:
[link] For the family tree.

Friends List:
Lizzy Miller


Pet Owl: Gregory. The name is actually chosen by Angelo since he was his owl before Lex. The younger boy hated the name though can't do much about it since it only responds to that name.
Lex: -yelling at Angelo- Circe's ass! Why did you give that bloody owl a stupid name like that!?
Angelo: -smiles- but he looks like a Gregory.

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Slytherin Students
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